Ginkgo Space - Booth A 101


Chen Ruo Bing, 1324, 2013-2019, 40 x 40 cm, acrylic on canvas. Courtesy of the artist and Ginkgo Space.


Founded in 2014 Beijing, as an art gallery whose vision focuses on the ecosystem of Asia contemporary art, Ginkgo Space's mission is to provide active support to artists’ processes of developing and gaining greater perspectives on their artistic practices. With their collaboration, they hope to build the artist’s reputation and widen their international recognition. Their exhibition program is aimed at exploring and discovering the artistic practices that define their cultural identity.

Ginkgo Space presents the new prospects of China's contemporary art scene through the works of three Chinese-born artists, Shen Chen (b. 1955), Chen Ruo Bing (b. 1970), and Dong Dawei (b. 1981), who all display strong individual characteristics.

The exhibition demonstrates a selection of creative practices and thinking which are totally different from the current Chinese miracle. Their work have kept a considerable distance from this era, through the continuous observation and questioning of reality. Whilst the works are familiar in form and surface, the method of their creation is unique and self-contained. 

The works of these three artists carefully and logically unpick the complexity of the real world society, re-examining the nature of reality. At the same time, they present the unique worldview of Oriental culture and the eternal existence of "process" in the time and space dimension.



#65, 798 Art District, No.4 Jiuxianqiao Rd., Chaoyang Dst., 100015, Beijing, China


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