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Pixy Liao, Things We Talk About, 2013. Courtesy of the artist and Chambers Fine Art.


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Exhibiting regularly in the international art scene, Chambers Fine Art has participated in art fairs such as Expo Chicago, Art Basel Hong Kong, The Art Show New York, Taipei Dangdai, Shanghai Contemporary Art Fair, Beijing Contemporary, etc.

Founded in 2004, Beijing Commune is now located in 798 Art Factory, Beijing. Its initial programs were mainly group shows exploring various currents in contemporary art while now it primarily focuses on solo shows to carry on the in-depth research.

Beijing Commune and their artists exhibit regularly on both Chinese and international arts scene, in the art museums such as Museum of Fine Arts St. Petersburg and Palais de Tokyo ; art fairs such as Art Basel, (Basel, Miami, Hong Kong), Shanghai Contemporary Art Fair, Jingart Art Fair, etc.

For Asia Now, Chambers Fine Art is pleased to present recent works by Fu Xiaotong, Guo Hongwei, Pixy Liao, Wu Jian’an and Yan Shanchun. Widely different in background and approach, the five artists are representative of the stylistic diversity of contemporary Chinese art today.

Yan Shanchun is the senior artist in the group and the most indebted to the thematic content of traditional Chinese art, but his paintings hover on the edge of abstraction. In contrast, Guo Hongwei’s watercolors and oil paintings depict physical objects from both the natural as well as man-made world.

Wu Jian’an is represented by his latest virtuosic collage series, 500 Brushstrokes, in which hundreds of overlapping ink and watercolor brushstrokes are individually cut out and arranged to create a vibrant, kinetic composition. Fu Xiaotong’s process is no less impressive: she uses a needle to perforate sheets of hand-made xuan paper until landscape images emerge from her carefully orchestrated excavation of the surface of the paper.

Born in Shanghai, China, Pixy Liao is best known for her photography series Experimental Relationship, in which Liao creates various intimate, playful, and witty tableaux that often place her in a position of power over her husband Moro, in a subtle reversal of gender roles.



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