Art’Loft/Lee Bauwens gallery - Booth B 215


Sunghong Min, Rolling on the ground, Found object, 2017. Courtesy of the artist and Art'Loft, Lee-Bauwens Gallery.



The Lee Bauwens gallery project will feature a selection of recent works by five Korean artists. Each artist combines different mediums, ranging from traditional materials to more innovative techniques, to find new harmonies between tension and balance. To understand the specificity of the creation of Korean artists is to question the dichotomy between their cultural identity and their modernity. Often their works challenge us by their delicate aesthetics and impress both in substance and form.

Jeong Yun Kyung’s paintings combine tranquil elements from Eastern tradition with architectural shapes inspired by neo-gothic buildings. Sunghong Min’s works are inspired by interpersonal relationships and are based on his personal attention to the experiences and changing circumstances of individuals or, more simply, documentation of the people who surround him. To Jiana Kim, clay is a means by which she fulfills her desire to “draw with light.” The porcelain paintings of the artist remind us of the Dansaekhwa monochrome movement. In his practice, Kim Hyun Sik takes us to a world beyond the visible. Completely devoid of form and composed solely of lines of colours across different layers of resin, the artist challenges the visitor’s gaze. Moon-Pil Shim’s approach is based on a set of lines and surfaces in a contemporary material, Plexiglas. Lines cross his work, separating space and light.



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