ASIA NOW kick off in Venice

Yang Jechiang, Alexandra Fain, Zheng Guogu, Adrian Cheng, Karen Levy

Yang Jechiang, Alexandra Fain, Zheng Guogu, Adrian Cheng, Karen Levy


ASIA NOW, with the dslcollection and theartofthiscentury, presented a selection of top level Asian contemporary artists with in situ commissioned projects and through a unique sensory experience at Palazzo Morosini on the occasion of the 56th Venice Biennale.

Exhibition of Zheng Guogu and Yangjiang Group

Curated by Dr. Martina Köppel Yang

May 7-June 28, 2015

Composed of in situ installations co-commissioned by ASIA NOW and dslcollection, with the kind support of Vitamin Creative Space

In the main space is presented "Last Day - Shop of Frozen Entities". For this piece the artists acquired an actual bankrupt shoe shop, covering and thus sealing all the items of the shop with wax. A set of 11 painted flags, part of the series "The Brain Nerves", is installed in the other rooms and outside the Palazzo. These flags show diagrams of brain activities of historical figures, like for example Francesco Morosini, Marco Polo or Karl Marx, and modern personalities such as Gina Lolobridgida or Pier Paolo Pasolini.

In another space, two videos by Zheng Guogu are shown: "My Teacher" (1993), "Planting Geese" (1994) and a documentary on the artist ‘’Minds Without Attachment’’ (2015). All the works reflect wittily upon the aspects of commodification and capital as determining factors in contemporary Chinese society. Redundancy and stagnation are juxtaposed with the aspects of energy and energy flow. The artists propose the free flow of energy - and not the flow of capital - as an alternative base for contemporary society. Calligraphy here is not only understood as an artistic practice but also, and most importantly, as a social and political one.

After Dinner Calligraphy event

May 7, 2015

In the main exhibition space, "Das Kapital Football" and "God is dead, the Euro dropped to the level of the Dollar, but the Renminbi is still very much alive." This installation is part of the so-called "After Dinner Calligraphy" events of Yangjiang Group and consists of large-scale calligraphies written on the spot after a collective dinner

After Dinner Calligraphy, 2012, Zheng Guogu and Yangjiang Group

After Dinner Calligraphy, 2012, Zheng Guogu and Yangjiang Group

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Duddell's Pop Up

May 7-10, 2015

The most exciting culinary experience during the 56th Venice Biennale is two Michelin starred Duddell's Pop Up, with its world acclaimed chefs and memorable flavours being flown in from Hong Kong for its first venture abroad.

Founded by three of Hong Kong’s most influential young minds - Alan Lo, Paulo Pong and Yenn Wong - who share a passion for developing Hong Kong’s creative landscape, Duddell’s is a cultural and social destination for people who have an active appreciation for the arts. Since opening during Art Basel HK in 2013, Duddell’s has become an art institution in Hong Kong dedicated to giving local and international contemporary artists a platform to express themselves, contributing to the importance of Hong Kong as the leading Asian contemporary art hub. 

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The Glass Calendar - Hubert le Gall’s luminous sculptures for Ruinart

May 7-June 28, 2015

Inspired by the play of light in Ruinart's cultivated vineyards, French artist Hubert le Gall reimagines nature’s rhythms in a series of glassworks for the historic champagne house. Continuing its tradition of contemporary art collaborations – following 2014’s 18th-century ledger by Georgia Russell – Ruinart’s latest series was inspired by tracing back man’s methods of maintaining the purity of its Blanc de Blancs at the vineyards in Sillery. Le Gall drew from the chardonnay grape and worked with Murano’s glassmakers at the acclaimed Berengo Studio to create the elegant series.

The 12 sculptures he created correspond to each month of the year, ranging from translucent white to verdant green and wintery black, a testament to the passage of time and man's craft in the vineyard.



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