Hsiao Li-Chi,  8ed4ac85811edaee5341c0066d0bf617a9f5a8856578c161e0582d6174eaee72 (Digital footprint) . Courtesy of the artist and ICI.

Hsiao Li-Chi, 8ed4ac85811edaee5341c0066d0bf617a9f5a8856578c161e0582d6174eaee72 (Digital footprint). Courtesy of the artist and ICI.

Hsiao Li-Chi

>> Solo Exhibition presented by ICI

The right to control our own data has become a serious topic today.

In the generation of information explosion, not only the information we receive, but also our personal data is being uploaded to the internet unconsciously. In the future, the one who has the most information will be the overlord.

In the work "digital footprint", Hsiao Li-Chi visualises the internet as a small space. Everything that has happened in this space will be played out and then a hashcode() will be printed as proof of the event’s existence. It will play only once. The audience has to watch out to memorise it, if they miss it, it will become just a digital footprint.

Key, keyhole, footprint.

Everything was determined once you decide to join it.

Hsiao Li-Chi is a multimedia artist and graduate of Berlin University of Art. Her works span various mediums, including audio-visual, sound, installations and live performances, focusing predominantly on her personal relationship with the internet and social society.


Hsiao Li-Chi