Wang Pei-Hsuan,  A Moonlight Flit , Video Still.

Wang Pei-Hsuan, A Moonlight Flit, Video Still.

Taiwan International Video Art (TIVA) Screening Programme

>> Curated by Frankie Su, Director of the Hong-Gah Museum in Taipei, Taiwan

Hong-Gah Museum is internationally recognized for the ongoing programmes promoting video art as a platform for international collaborations and exchange.

Invited by ASIA NOW 2019, Hong Gah Museum will present a younger generation of Taiwanese video and performance artists. The presentation will feature young Taiwanese video and performance artists I-Hsuen Chen, Chen-Yu Chen, Sheng-Wen Lo, Pei- Hsuan Wang, Yu Liu, whose video works will be screened for the first time in France at ASIA NOW.


Chen I-Hsuen Chen Chen-Yu Lo Sheng-Wen Wang Pei-Hsuan Liu Yu