Courtesy of artist Eiji Sumi

Courtesy of artist Eiji Sumi

KIRTI - Expanding the Frame of Southeast Asian Art” Discussion & Publication Soft Launch

>> by Hunter Panther Deerfield (independent researcher), supported by VADA Visual Arts Development Association (Singapour)

KIRTI is an independent research initiative working to expand the frame of contemporary art. Crucial to this effort is KIRTI’s position outside of institutional, curatorial, and academic conventions. 

KIRTI spans two adjacent platforms: an online archive and an episodic print publication. Both formats are organized flatly, intermingling art – often framed in the studio or otherwise in situ – with process, commentary, and other contextual documents. This is KIRTI’s motivating premise: art should move outside of pre-established silos and hierarchies.


Hunter Panther Deerfield is an independent researcher based between Singapore and Hanoi, Vietnam. He was homeschooled in Vermont, before studying at Yale-NUS college in Singapore, where he graduated in 2018 with a focus on archival theory in contemporary art. He began working on his current project, KIRTI, immediately after graduation.