Le Réservoir - B 202

Image courtesy of Tristan Wu.



Tristan Wu


Tristan Wu lives and works between Taipei, Taiwan and Avignon, France.

Tristan Wu was born in 1989 in Kaoshiung, south of Taiwan but grew up in London. Returning to Taiwan in 2006, he began drawing comic strips in the school newspaper that made a mockery of the local education system, which tended to burn out both students and teachers.

A self-taught artist, Tristan Wu finds inspiration in his military family environment, marked by the Chinese civil war and army ornaments and iconography.

Replaying the scenes of oppressions and revolts with humor and jubilant rage, Tristan Wu creates a superior world where justice is led by "Hysterical Mitch", his fictional double.

Through his subject is the emperor, the army chief, a high ranking CEO or a famous rugby player, the hysteria of this fictional anti-hero is a mise en abîme of our contemporary struggles: war, our memory of the past, sports, technology or education.

Tristan Wu embeds in his creations an overwhelming energy. Faithful to his double culture, his compositions interweave, in an aesthetic of power, Chinese cultural forms with the imagery of a globalized pop culture.

His striking work full of vivacity and sincerity, Tristan Wu surprises us in the current landscape of figurative work.



46 Quai de Bosc 34200, SÈTE

+33 4 67 19 39 04

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