ZETO Art - Booth A 100

Huang Xiaoliang, Untitled #20160718, 2017, 180x120 cm (edition of 3). Courtesy of the artist and ZETO ART.


ZETO ART presents the curatorial project “A Daydream", featuring the two photographers Huang Xiaoliang and Yu Zhuo. 

Huang Xiaoliang, born in 1985, works and lives in China. He is skillful in projecting shadows and layering images, which enable him to explore the boundaries of photography. The young photographer Yu Zhuo, born in 1990, manages to inject an enormous energy, stemming from his own fear and stress, into seemingly quiet and dark images. 

Giving us a feeling of dreaming in daytime, “A Daydream” is a sensory and psychological description of these photographic works. As a psychological concept, daydreaming demonstrates people's tendency to create illusions. Unlike Freud, who once said that people want to hide their inner suppressed desires, for these two artists daydreaming is a photographic language to create illusions and guide us into a magical, interesting and complex world. 

Why a daydream rather than a night dream? The reason could be that this state of unconsciousness is more capable of delivering real emotions and of helping us to evoke an imagination of the future, or memories of the past. The daydream transcends time, as did the works of Huang Xiaoliang and Yu Zhuo, in which we can rarely perceive the trace of time. Their photos make us to forget the day and night, which is a simple passage of life. 




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