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Abdul Abdullah, You can call me impatient, 2018, manual embroidery made with the assistance of DGTMB Studios, 150 x 120 cm. Courtesy of the artist and Yavuz Gallery.


Yavuz Gallery presents a variety of artists from Southeast Asia. The exhibition explores the spectrum of artistic approaches that make up the fabric of contemporary art coming out of the region, through the work of nine leading and emerging artists: Abdul Abdullah, Alvin Ong, Johanna Helmuth, Keb Cerda, Ronson Culibrina, and Yeo Kaa. 

Abdul Abdullah’s (b. 1986, Malaysia/Australia) dynamic practice addresses the contemporary experience of being an ‘other’ in society, with a particular focus on the misconceptions and misunderstandings of young Muslims in multicultural Australia. 

Alvin Ong (b. 1988, Singapore) synthesizes histories, mythologies and folk-forms into surreal improvisations and non-linear narratives.

The muted palette of Johanna Helmuth’s (b. 1992, Philippines) paintings, executed in vigorous brushstrokes present a world of contrasting morals through which people navigate through their own actions and attitudes. 

Keb Cerda (b. 1991, Philippines) first experimented with the appropriation of archival photographs in his paintings to open up commentaries on history, economy, and politics, often with a tone of humour, before incorporating new technologies such as augmented reality and gaming platforms as integral elements of experiencing his art. 

Ronson Culibrina’s (b. 1991, Philippines) practice bridges the gap between contemporary life with classical painting traditions, through interventions that tackle socio-political issues and reference old masters in Filipino art history.

A perfect dichotomy of colour and torment, Filipino artist Yeo Kaa (b. 1989) paints deceptively candy-coloured characters stuck in violent states of reality.



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