La Patinoire Royale – galerie Valérie Bach- Booth A 208


Trong Nguyen, cracked mobile 01, 2019, iron, paint, sheetrock, wood, 240 x 165 x 15 cm. Courtesy of the artist and La Patinoire Royale – galerie Valérie Bach.


La Patinoire Royale – galerie Valérie Bach, based in Brussels, alternates solo exhibitions of emerging and established artists, while rediscovering the modern era through retrospectives of a more historical perspective.

Trong Gia Nguyen (born 1971, Vietnam) is a multi-disciplinary artist based in Brooklyn, New York. His work is concerned with examining and shaking structures of power as they relate to the dynamics of culture, politics, and economy. He has produced everything from iPhone applications (Metaphysical GPS) to installation, film, painting, sculpture, performances, and web-based actions.

Starting from the legacy of her ceramic education from Japan, Yoshimi Futamura (born 1959; Nagoya, Japan) experiments with clay as a living and powerful material and finds in nature her source of inspiration, creating fissured surfaces that seem on the brink of bursting into expansion. Her works seems to encompass the strength of the Japanese stoneware tradition with the elegance and refinements of Paris, where she lives and works since 1986.

Seungmo Park (1969, S. Korea) hand-crafts and cuts elaborate layers of wire mesh to create hyperreal scenes through a mirage of visual perception.



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