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Illustrator: Ishikawa Masumi, Wood Carver: Sekioka Yusuke, Printer: Ito Tatsuya, David Bowie Shapeshifting Comparison "Takezawa Toji" (Diamond Dogs), woodblock print on paper, 48 cm x 34 cm, Edition of 200. Courtesy of artists and Ukiyo-e Project.


With offices in Tokyo and LA, the UKIYO-E PROJECT is dedicated to keeping ukiyo-e printmaking alive, by utilising traditional processes and craftsmen to produce contemporary prints. 

Since its inception in the late 17th century, Ukiyo-e served as the "pop art of Japan", introducing through woodcut prints popular characters - the era's entertainers - from kabuki actors to a variety of beautiful women. The Edo period prints were well received by the public, especially given their accessible nature and popular themes, and became synonymous with Japanese culture and art all over the world.

The UKIYO-E PROJECT strives to keep the spirit of ukiyo-e alive by commissioning traditional ukiyo-e craftsmen and artists to produce new prints, using current entertainers and cultural icons. So far the project has collaborated with the bands Kiss, Iron Maiden, and the estate of David Bowie. The prints have been exhibited worldwide and are part of major international collections, including the British Museum in London and the MAK Museum in Vienna.



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