The Drawing Room - Booth A 203


Jose Santos III, Open-ended, 2014, Oil on canvas, 30” x 24”. Courtesy of the artist and The Drawing Room.


Narrative as a means in artistic practice creates a condition where the mundane transforms into the sublime, as one traverses the anatomy of the domestic and the depths of its histories, experiences and memories. Artists Jose Santos III and Pam Yan Santos invoke this condition in their intimation of everyday life and everyday things.

Jose Santos III's narrative works reflect a strong cryptic iconography in his exploration of objects and in uncovering their histories. His recent works displaces these objects from their natural state, to substantiate memory and meaning rather than utility. Pam Yan Santos works in layers. They form her visual diary where she sifts through the depths and roles of memory in encoding events and the emotions attached to them.

The intent is to obscure our perception and understanding of the day-to-day, while no less opening up possibilities for interpretation.



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