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WEN Ling, ziboy TV, 2019, 3 channel video, Variable size. Courtesy the artist and Star Gallery.


Star Gallery presents “ziboy TV”, the video works of Wen Ling (b.1976), “Ghost in a Liquid Room”, a sculpture by Teppei Kaneuji (b. 1978), and ink on paper works by Zhu Xinjian (1953-2014).

Wen Ling’s practice is concerned with The Irreplaceable Everyday. As one of the best known photo bloggers in China, Wen Ling was known for his “street sweeping” practice – aimlessly taking pictures of everything he encountered. His inclina- tion to group photographs together stemmed from a desire to diminish the uniqueness of “the decisive moment”. Continuing this practice in the era of new media, Wen Ling has since 2019 shot videos using a handheld gimbal camera, sharing his work on the YouTube channel “ziboy TV”. His works shot in Beijing, Australia and the USA will be shown on respective screens at ASIA NOW.

Teppei Kaneuji’s work Ghost in the Liquid Room, hanging from the ceiling, reflects upon the overwhelming, image-saturated culture that pre- vails in Asia today. The sculpture is made from the clippings of images advertising an assortment of gooey cosmetic products in various colours, crea- ting a connection between consumer goods and the masterpieces of contemporary art like Dali’s sculptures or Alexander Calder’s mobiles.

The 24 ink on paper works on display are from Zhu Xinjian’s Beauty series. These female nudes have been a constant of the artist's œuvre for over 30 years; the ones at ASIA NOW date from the final stages of his career. Zhu is acknowledged as the most important representative of China’s New Literati Painting. Exhibiting Zhu’s skill in traditional Chinese ink painting and a personal perspective, these controversial “private paintings” are seen as an embodiment of the contemporary revolution of Chinese painting.



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