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Vo Tran Chau, Société Cotonnière Du Tonkin, 2019, Used clothes, thread, 135 x 77 cm. Courtesy of the artist and Quynh gallery.


Vo Tran Chau’s practice incorporates second-hand fabrics, sewing and embroidery. Inspired by the social and cultural history of her home country of Vietnam, Vo’s work addresses labor, consumption and waste. Comprising squares cut from used clothes illegally sent to Vietnam, Vo’s mosaics appear close up as abstract patches of muted colors. From a distance, however, structures and figures become visible, converging the country’s industrial past with its modern ambitions.

The paintings of Do Thanh Lang exude a slow violence, centered around fragments of images and stories churned out by the gigantic machine of Vietnamese online media. Just as one’s disposed garbage can speak volumes about how one lives, these images – likened by Do to ‘virtual trash’ – remind us that apathy is one of the world’s gravest dangers. 

Vo Tran Chau and Do Thanh Lang, both born in Vietnam in 1986, are among the country’s most compelling young artists. Vo’s work has been included in major international exhibitions such as Where the Sea Remembers at The Mistake Room, Los Angeles, CA, USA (curated by Cesar Garcia), EVA International in Limerick, Ireland (curated by Koyo Kouoh, and Suzhou Documents at the Suzhou Art Museum, China (curated by Roger M. Buergel and Zhang Qing). Do Thanh 

Lang’s work has been shown in a number of exhibitions in Vietnam such as Modern Wind, HCMC Fine Arts Association; My Eldest Sister, San Art; Out of Nowhere, Sao La; Art Walk, numerous venues in Ho Chi Minh City. 



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