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Bestrizal Besta, kekuatan (strength), 2018, Charcoal and acrylic on canvas, cm 200 x 200. Courtesy of the artist and Primo Marella Galleries - Milano & Lugano.


Primo Marella Galleries - Milano & Lugano present a curated project showcasing artists from across Asia, including He Wei (1987, China), Kenji Sugiyama (1962, Japan), Ronald Ventura (1973, Philippines), Ruben Pang (1990, Singapore), S. Dwi Stya Acong (1977, Malang, Indonesia) and Bestrizal Besta (1973, Padang, Indonesia). These new works convey the poly-semantic language of the Asian context in relationship with powerful international influences, thereby highlighting the artist as an individual and not simply the product of a geographically-bound socio-political environment. 

The Indonesian painter S. Dwi Stya Acong captures the light in a way that it is reminiscent of the repertoire of the French Impressionists. Through his short, unblended brushstrokes, he achieves an effect of intense colour vibrations. This makes apparent the rupture between time and space, a recurring theme in his work. The anonymous wandering men seem unsettled within the luxuriant hues of the paintings, rendering Acong's compositions particularly haunting and unforgettable. In realising absurd situations with stunning ease, S.Dwi Stya Acong presents us with a fresh interpretation of Surrealist art.

Bestrizal Besta, another important figure of the Indonesian art scene, lived in Pekanbaru before settling in Yogyakarta, where he continues to hone his surrealistic drawings. Besta’s work is easily identifiable by his monochromatic palette, enriched with hints of bright colours and intricate details.

Leading Southeast Asian artist Ronald Ventura uses metaphorical imagery alongside more direct references to comment on the transformation of social norms and ideals in various aspects of contemporary life, such as technology, popular culture, mass media and personal expression. Man’s relationship with animals and instances where distinctions between the two species seem to fade are also probed in works that portray humans morphing into animal forms and animals exhibiting human-like gestures.



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