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Joji Nakamura, Let’s get funky, 2018, Oil painting on canvas. Courtesy of Joji Nakamura and Gallery Pierre-Yves Caër.


Pierre-Yves Caër Gallery, dedicated to contemporary Japanese art, presents a solo show by the artist Joji Nakamura.

Since his decision to take up colour two years ago, Joji has never stopped renewing himself. The relationships between canvas, space, lines and shapes are questions that he never ceases to explore. His new work displays both his exceptional talent and the fascination he has for Paris.

Joji Nakamura was born in 1974 in Chiba, Japan. As a child, he wonders at the work of his mother, a calligrapher, but Joji's interest in art is only truly sparked later in Santa Barbara, California. There he discovers the works of his Japanese artist friends, among the most recognized of the contemporary Japanese scene. Joji Nakamura hence throws himself into painting. Not very interested in conceptual art theories, the self-made artist is fascinated by the materials he works with: canvas, paper, acrylic, knives ... are his favourite tools, which he combines to create his own visual vocabulary.

The artist's physical connection to the canvas is striking. Closely related to the works of the abstract expressionists, Joji Nakamura realises his paintings in the manner of the action painting of the 50s and 60s. Without preparatory drawings, he works directly with his hands without ever using a brush. The layers of thickly-applied colour add a sculptural dimension to his work, emphasising negative and positive space and volume, as well as the reflection and mattness of the painting.



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