Galerie OVO - Booth A 110

Ni Jui Hung, Peng Lai Xian Shan, Installation, 162 x 53 cm. Courtesy of the artist and Galerie OVO.


Galerie OVO, located in the center of Taipei, is established in 2014. They are devoted to exhibitions of established and emerging artists who represent Asian art at its best. The name of the gallery: “OVO” means “the Origin” in Latin, is their pursuing to become the effective medium where art and people meet. The gallery also devoted taking on different forms of art projects and non-profit ventures.

No culture in the world, Eastern or Western, has a more continuous tradition of garden design than that of China. In a Chinese garden, a strong belief in nature as a benign wilderness, source of awe, magic and sustenance is required. What vibrates through and around the various elements of its composition is designed to ‘bring out the rhythm of nature’. It purposefully blends together many different elements to create a remarkably integrated concept. A garden is where all the arts come together. It is the place where it is assumed that visitors will see it with an educated mind and eye. 

OVO presents “Jardin chinois”, an ensemble of artists’ statements and imaginations: Ni Jui Hung’s colorful installations expertly blends the colors of Taiwanese temples with a reflection on self-awareness in this social networking era; Cheuk Wing Nam’s sound installation is a gateway of everyday sounds that provides us with alternative ways to ‘see’ the sounds; finally, the soft tones and landscapes in Zhu Lan Qing’s photography highlight the concept of the modern garden in southern parts of China, which redefine the symbols of success and beauty.

It is an inviting world with surprises waiting at each turn.



No.51 Dehui St. Zhongshan Dist. Taipei City 104, Taiwan


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