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Yoon Ji-Eun, Une entrée, 2019, pencil, colored pencils, acrylic and wood carving, 31.5 x 84 cm. Courtesy of the artist and Gallery Maria Lund.


Through a variety of means and motivations, the four Korean artists presented question temporality, impermanence and life experiences that continue to resurface:

Yoon Ji-Eun (b. 1982) sculpts, marks and digs into wood to simultaneously bring together time, place and action. She seeks to account for the continuous interaction between the past, the present and the world of dreams. The walls open onto new horizons, the planes merge into one another...

Lee Jin Woo (b. 1959), like an expert labourer, creates strata of traditional materials - Hanji paper and charcoal - inscribing in them the passage of time and the emotions that pass through it. Landscapes with varied densities are formed, inviting the eye to move around, to penetrate the surface and to finally be transported elsewhere.

Min Jung-Yeon (b. 1979) is fascinated by the duality residing in all things, through their opposites, their struggles, their encounters and the impulses that flow from them. The works communicate the great existential flow of a world in permanent transformation where its instability also transmits an irrefutable force, where meticulous representation and free-flowing gestures coexist.

In the hands of Shoi (b. 1983), Moon Jar - a type of traditional Korean white porcelain - becomes a form of self-portrait full of sincerity and humor. The interior holds its secrets: dreams, anxieties and desires. Revisiting her Korean heritage, popular beliefs as well as universal and archetypal symbols, Shoi pursues through her new sculptures the development of a personal mythology.



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