Danysz gallery - Booth B 214


Huang Rui, Straight Circle 直圆, 2. Courtesy of the artist and Danysz gallery.


“Writing on the wall”

Magda Danysz Gallery, celebrating its tenth anniversary in China, presents works by the major artist Huang Rui, one of the three founders of The Stars Art Group whose major advancement in contemporary art is also to be celebrated in December with an exhibition at the Pompidou Centre.

The “writing sculptures” of Huang Rui are all word games and visual pranks. Depending on their point of view, the visitor interprets the sculptures of steel and wood with a different meaning. Everything is in the point of view, but also in the unsaid.

Sitting opposite, the work of Huang Rui dialogues with the young talent of Chinese street art, Chen Yingjie (born in 1991). Chen Yingjie renews the practice of Chinese painting, blending together urban culture and spray painting with the Chinese landscape tradition through his breathtaking choreographed performances. On the occasion of ASIA NOW 2019, Chen Yingjie will realise his performances in a stand that has been transformed especially to enable his all-encompassing artwork that stretches from the floor to the ceiling.



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