Gallery LEE & BAE - Booth B 211

Sang-Sun Bae, More & Less1, 2005-2018, Gesso on Velvet, 182x368cm. Courtesy of the artist and Gallery LEE & BAE.


LEE&BAE was founded in Haeundae, Busan, Korea in 2010 as being an innovative showcase for the opening presentation and promotion of strong, visceral, and visionary contemporary art worldwide, having successfully established itself as art space for all form of fine art. Since 2016, LEE&BAE is showing very excellent Korean artists to world art market through global art fairs such as Art Miami, Pulse Miami, Art Central, Volta Basel, Art Taipei, Abu Dhabi art, Expo Chicago, etc.

The gallery presents a selection of works by three artists: Sang-Sun Bae, Jin-Wook Yeom and Mi-Hei Her. 

Sang-Sun Bae will be presented by her latest works, a series of drawings made from countless fine lines of gesso. These works have their origin in abstracted lines from figure sketches and carry a rhythm of organic lines that relate to the bonds formed between human beings. As in her current knotted forms, the concepts of awe and the time of life constitute a foundational dialectic in her work.

Jin-Wook Yeom’s “Memory of Mountain” is formed of three-dimensional spatial structures that create an enchanting, imaginary landscape.

“Entre-Deux” by Mi-Hei Her, is printed on a transparent film covering the frame. In the work we can clearly see and read fragments of personal diary entries and an image of everyday life. She invites us to become simultaneously viewer and reader of her messages and to see our own image scattered in the maze of manuscripts and typescripts.



243 Millaksubyeon-ro, Millak-dong, Suyeong-gu, Busan, South Korea

+82 51 756 2111

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