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Hiroshi Kaneyasu, Dynamics of layered colours III, 2018, urushi,plaster, 32x32x52cm. Courtesy of the artist and ESH Gallery.


ESH gallery presents a group show entitled “Designing Nature. Japanese Kogei Avant-garde”, focusing on the relationship between man and nature as seen through the lens of the traditional Japanese art Kogei, interpreted in a contemporary way.

In Japan, nature is not the object of intellectual speculation but rather the source of art. The artist experiences this in a subjective way, based on a symbolic representation of reality. The more the suggestion to reality is slight, the more the work of art will be revealed and depth created.

All the artists presented have translated their interpretation of the natural elements into the aesthetics of their sculptural work. Takeshi Igawa’s (b. 1980) highly polished lacquer sculptures express the artist’s research of the concept of infinity, represented by the elements of the sky and the sea.

Ōki Izumi’s glasswork expresses a new dimension of the cosmos and the aquatic. In their vibrations we immediately notice parallels with the Japanese ukiyoe (“floating world”) painters.

The floating bamboos of Shinho Muramoto (b. 1970) represent an attempt to capture the constant mutability of nature. Meanwhile, Hiroshi Kaneyasu (b. 1991) creates sculptures that represent a personal and vibrant attempt to scrutinise the perception of light through colour.

The same Japanese sensibility tends to establish a close relationship between city and landscape, human settlement and surrounding nature, integrating them into a single thought. The Modern Remains in porcelain by Kouzo Tekeuchi (b. 1974) make us reflect on the eternity of the natural world and on the transience of the environment shaped by Man.



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