COHJU Contemporary Art - Booth J06

Mio Yamato, RED DOT, 2019. Oil on canvas, 20 9/10 × 20 9/10 in, 53 × 53 cm. Courtesy of the artist and COHJU contemporary art.


COHJU contemporary art show four emerging artists who approach painting in a different way to each other but apply the same innocent eye towards the world and its phenomenon. 

Mio Yamato dedicates herself to her series, “Repetition”, the works of which are made by the repetition of a simple human gesture, such as an accumulation of dots or a pile of lines. Mio thus incorporates the concept of time’s flow in her canvas, leading to unforeseen but still familiar, organic images on the surface as a result.

Tomoko Takagi piles pigments onto the canvas, motivated by what she discovers in daily life and feelings of wrongness within it. Tomoko’s style, constantly switching between figures and objects can be interpreted as a way of trying to understand what she doesn’t.

Keisuke Jimba is a painter who focuses on materialising the cenesthesia which Jimba encounters everyday. Jimba’s painting can be seen as a record of experiences for himself. Visualising the relationship between himself and the objects, Keisuke painting is monological, yet arouses our sympathy at the same time.

Hidekazu Tanaka pursues a painting process which is completely improvised and which is distinguishable by its optic vibrances. In Tanaka’s paintings, musical influences play an important role; Like music, he likes to sample his previous drawings and shapes, playing it back into other works. All this feedback and duplication creates layers of time like an instrumental ensemble between the painting and extensity.



1F COHJU Bldg., 557 Bisyamon-cho,
Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto 604-0981, Japan


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