Choi & Lager Gallery- Booth B 213

Jung Jae-ho, Hwanggum Building, 2019, 149x209cm, Acrylic on Korean paper, Courtesy of the artist and Choi&Lager Gallery.


Choi&Lager is a gallery based in Cologne and Seoul and founded by Jari Lager and Sunhee Choi who have been an independent curator and art advisor for ten years.

At ASIA NOW 2019, Choi&Lager plans to showcase the works of Jaeho Jung, Taesoo Lee and Kelvin Kyungkun Park

Jung’s hyperrealistic paintings of dilapidated buildings from the 60s and 70s, Lee’s sculptural studies of iron and mass, and Park’s exploration of the steel industry are juxtaposed and presented to reflect and reexamine the history of Korean modernization. The works delve into the complexity of retaining our collective morality in the face of progress, and prompts us to review our own beliefs and values in the modern age.



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