Beijing Commune - Booth A 106


Xie Molin, Shuo No. 9, Acrylic on canvas, 70x70cm, 2018. Courtesy of the artist and Beijing Commune.


Beijing Commune presents a curated group show of eight different artists. Hu Xiaoyuan reveals an incredible sensitivity towards natural materials, which arises from her careful observations of daily life. Zhao Yao draws from the visual composition of brain-teaser games to bestow images with a similar cognitive model. Ma Qiusha’s highly versatile practice, including works on paper and installations, explores themes of personal identity and the im- pact of consumerism on the Chinese social fabric. Competent at utilizing natural materials such as grass, wood, soil and stone as media to create art pieces, Yang Xinguang mixes the organic with the synthetic to blur the boundary between the two in a world faced with a deteriorating environment. Xie Molin’s acrylic paintings made using an original mix of pigments emphasise the unique expressionistic element of the artist’s meticulous creative process, whilst pursuing a sense of integration with the regularity of machinery. Shang Yixin strictly follows the patterns achieved through mathematical logic to create images endowed with a rhythmic shadow. Wang Luyan’s sculptures reflect the gallery’s commitment to enabling the established artist’s new venture into a smaller-scale and more intimate practice. Zhang Xiaogang’s renowned Speechless, an original print series that transforms two watercolors - that date from 2007 and 2008 - and one oil painting - from 2009 - into prints, emphasises the uniqueness of the material by exhibiting a visual effect starkly different to that of a framed painting. Finally, Zhou Yilun reuses previous pieces by distorting their original forms to prevent any logical understanding.



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