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Komkrit Tepthian, Laika, 2019, Resin, 40 x 25 x 75cm. Courtesy of the artist and ART SEASONS.


ART SEASONS, founded in September 2001 with the mission to explore and to promote contemporary Chinese and Asian art, presents two young and three established artists. Their artworks, although differing in medium and theme, suggest the same realisation: that artworks have never been simply visual products but are the carriers and elevators of our civilization.

The work of Kayleigh Goh (born 1993, Singapore) is a continuous exploration of how space and places can affect how we think and feel. 

Through figurative painting, drawing and installation, Odelia Tang (born 1993, Singapore) negotiates the clash of internalised Eastern and Western philosophies and what she identifies as a natural process of identity loss and gain as a result of being born and raised in Singapore.

Justin Lee (born 1963, Singapore) is one of Singapore's foremost pop artists. The themes and imagery with which he interprets his commissioned design work underscore familiar Asian cultures with a delightful pop treatment that celebrates Asian values in an endearing tongue in cheek manner.

The Iconography in Contemporary Conditions series by Komkrit Tepthian (born 1985, Thailand) highlights the value and significance of historical buildings and objects. His clever and witty used of everyday objects combines with his exceptional sculpturing ability to create works of art that question and challenge the audience’s viewpoint.

Umibaizurah Mahir Ismail (born 1975, Malaysia) explores the subject of New Landscape."Landscape" is an indispensable art subject matter since ancient times. Umibaizurah Mahir Ismail wants to investigate this subject from a contemporary lens, which is about the interaction of human activity and our relationship today with the physical environment.



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