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Ma Desheng, Sans titre, 2010, Bronze, 113 x 95 x 58 cm. Courtesy the artist & A2Z ART GALLERY.


For the fifth edition of ASIA NOW, A2Z Art Gallery: Paris & Hong Kong, celebrates, first of all, 40th anniversary of “The Stars”, the first group of Chinese contemporary artists (1979-2019), with Ma Desheng, Chinese- born artist, co-founder and leader of the group. 

After being highlighted by the Art Fair last year, the Japanese artist Shiori Eda continues to question women’s condition inside Japanese culture into her compositions magnified by the grandeur of landscapes that are sometimes calm, others in tension. 

DanHôo’s paintings are the hive-like result, of a calligraphic base and an artist who has been working with since the 1990s, such as Olivier Debré, Vladimir Velickovic, Erró, Antonio Seguí and Robert Combas. The only shadow gesture that accompanies this journey is the highlight, a type of writing that symbolises the dreams, the passions and the superstitions related to an immigrant child’s education. 

Finally, to answer the theme of “Now generation”, Vivian Ho, Hong kong artist born in 1990, challenges the conventional way of being a mere cog in the wheel of the machine, that is life, by confronting surrealistic elements to the mundane city life scenery. 



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