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Chen Qiulin, River River, 2005, Video, 16 min. Courtesy the artist and A Thousand Plateaus Art Space.



Chen Qiulin


A Thousand Plateaus Art Space was founded in 2007 in Chengdu, China. It is a professional gallery committing to presenting and promoting China’s contemporary art. Equipped with exhibition halls for artworks and collections and a screening room for videos and discussions, it focuses on researching, presenting and promoting outstanding works and experimental projects of China’s contemporary art and culture by carrying out domestic and international projects.

In addition to the exhibitions and events in the over 1,000 square meter gallery space, A Thousand Plateaus Art Space also takes an active part in important international art fairs including Art Basel in HK, Art Hong Kong, Art Stage Singapore, Asia Now | Paris Asian Art Fair, ART021, West Bund Art & Design, JING ART, Art Chengdu, Photo Shanghai, Festival LOOP, Paris Internationale, and LISTE Art Fair Basel etc..

A Thousand Plateaus present the work of Chen Qiulin, River River. The work is the result of a desire to shoot another video about the Three Gorges Dam following the work Farewell Poem. At the time of Farewell Poem, the Three Gorges Dam construction had led to huge demolitions and mass migrations. Two years later the banks were flat and empty, waiting for the arrival of high-rise buildings and modern docks. The reason why I chose to shoot River River against the background of these construction sites is threefold: 1. The three gorges dam construction is a huge project in China. 2. It represents the development process in China. 3. It is a continuation of the artist’s work. The appearance of Sichuan opera in the film amidst these present life conditions, the construction site and an opera stage, the past and the present, the misplacement of time and scene,... all these represent his memory of the second stage of the construction of the Three Gorges Dam.



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