a.m. space - Booth U 07

Wong Kit Yi, Wong Kit Yi miniK, 2019, Installation; Uploading Consciousness to a Lotus Root, 2018, HD video with sound, 21:20. Courtesy of the artist and a.m. space | Hong Kong


While Art reflects the dynamics of different eras of humanity and aesthetics, artists are born with the gift to give life to creative ideas. Established in January 2013, a.m. space explores contemporary issues by gathering like-minded researchers, serving as a physical platform to present and execute various cultural projects.

New York / Hong Kong based artist Wong Kit Yi will present a new video installation—a mini iridescent karaoke booth; Wong brings to the question: How long is forever? In legal contracts, genetics, art, and our personal lives, we often employ expressions like “in perpetuity”, “everlasting”, “permanent”, even “immortal”. Yet the meaning of these terms is different in every situation and often alters in response to changing circumstances. Wong Kit Yi's work traces this conundrum across history and into such current biotechnology fields as gene splicing and reverse aging. She also asks: What happens if we have a contract that lasts for 99 years or 999 years? 

Wong's artistic interest has long centred on odd scientific findings and the dysfunctional marriage between science and pseudoscience science. In her practice, she focuses on basic units — cells, digital bits, genes, microseconds—and the systems in which time, space, and information are organized. Her latest research concerns genetics, DNA technology, mythology, Japanese manga, meteorological interventions, models of ownership/leasing, and biology of aging and immortality. Wong received her MFA from Yale University in 2012. She speaks native Cantonese, fluent English, and hysterical Mandarin.



1C, Kingearn Building, 24-26 Aberdeen Street, Central, Hong Kong

+852 2547 9898