Tarryn Doherty,  Tides . Courtesy of the artist and Cinéhaïku.

Tarryn Doherty, Tides. Courtesy of the artist and Cinéhaïku.


Founded in 2016, Cinéhaïku is an international competition of poetic short films, inspired by Japanese haiku. A haiku is a short Japanese poem made up of three verses. A space on the page and in time, that holds us between two states of being. Each year, the association therefore invites students and photo enthusiasts from around the world to participate by following a simple exercise: adapting haiku rules to an audiovisual format, in three shots and 30 seconds.

In this way, we celebrate Japanese culture through the viewpoints of those living outside the country.

Cinéhaïku will be showing a selection of the best films from previous editions. Among them is the 2018 winning film "Time stands still" by Mexican filmmaker Daniel Lezama, but also the works of ten contemporary artists who also contributed their visual interpretation of a haiku: Claire Adelfang, Annabelle Amoros, Elsa Brès, Marcel Dinahet, Emmanuel Lagarrigue, Natacha Nisic, Louis-Cyprien Rials, Oscar Santillan, Fern Silva and Xavier Veilhan.