Pixy Liao,  Breast Spray , 2015, Video 2 mins 1 sec. Courtesy of the artist and Chambers Fine Art.

Pixy Liao, Breast Spray, 2015, Video 2 mins 1 sec. Courtesy of the artist and Chambers Fine Art.

Pixy Liao

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For IRL {In Real Life} Platform, Chambers Fine Art features a solo show of Chinese artist Pixy Liao, including two videos:

Breast Spray (2015)

“The idea came to me when I was reading the news. There was a strange robbery in Germany. A woman robbed a store with her breast milk. When the cashier opened the register, she suddenly opened her blouse and showed her right breast. She started squeezing her breast and shooting her breast milk into the cashier’s eyes. She then snatched the money and ran away.

I was fascinated by this woman's behavior. Her unexpected move debunked what people think of women’s breasts. It changed the breast from a soft, sexy, motherly female body part to a dangerous weapon. When the breast is shooting out milk, it is both feeding and attacking, which are almost opposite behaviors. In the video, my boyfriend became part of the garden. He’s enjoying/accepting/enduring the milk coming out of the breast.” — By Pixy Liao

Men as Bags (2016)

“A popular internet phrase came up to my mind when I was making this bag. That is “I’m unhappy, I want bags.” The sentence literally means when a female is trying to get comforts from a man, she asks him to buy her luxury bags. Besides its original function and meaning, the bag is now a way to show off taste, wealth, and lifestyle. In this popular phrase, bag also becomes a symbol of man’s indulging love for the woman. When a woman is carrying a bag bought by a man, she’s also carrying the man’s affection for her. Finally, we can see human skin as a bag for a person’s whole existence.” — By Pixy Liao