Desiree Tham,  The Bathroom should be pink , 2019. Image courtesy the artist

Desiree Tham, The Bathroom should be pink, 2019. Image courtesy the artist

Desiree Tham (b. 1992, Singapore)

>> Solo Exhibition Presented by VADA Visual Arts Development Association x Intersections Gallery, curated by Khai Hori

Visual Arts Development Association, Singapore (VADA) in partnership with Intersections Gallery (Singapore) presents Feng Shui Objects, a solo exhibition by Desiree Tham (b. 1992, Singapore) and KIRTI, an innovative publication on Southeast Asian artists by Hunter Panther Deerfield (b. 1996, Vermont, USA). 

Curated by Khai Hori, former Deputy Director of Artistic Programmes at Palais de Tokyo, Paris, the project introduces two newfound talents with distinctive socio-anthropological insights from Southeast Asia. 

Through her sculptures, Desiree Tham, winner of the 2019 Chan Davies Art Prize, translates the traditional aesthetics and approach to ‘feng shui’, an ancient Chinese science for the calculated arrangement of objects to allow the positive flow of invisible energies. 

“I’ve always been fascinated of how objects can perform beyond its form and mediate relations in the way we perceive and think about the society. Focusing on deconstructing and altering their functions into everyday situations, I aim to explore the tension that underlies every object and the infinite world inside them. I use objects and bring them into action, a space where possibility and everydayness converge to activate a transcendent new way of looking at simple objects and everyday routine.”

- Desiree Tham