Japanese night at the SILENCIO

Curated by Emmanuelle de Montgazon and Isabelle Olivier

An exclusive Japanese night featuring a cutting-edge programme of performances, video screenings, installations, and a live DJ set.

Due to a limited number of places, registration is necessary for all the VIP events of the JAPANESE PLATFORM programme.

Tuesday 16 October 9pm-2am at SILENCIO (142, rue Montmartre, 75002 Paris)


Performances & Installations

Tomoko Sauvage,  in situ  installation

Tomoko Sauvage, in situ installation

Nile Koetting,  First, Class , Performance

Nile Koetting, First, Class, Performance

Masayuki Kawai,  Video Feedback,  Courtesy of MORI YU GALLERY

Masayuki Kawai, Video Feedback, Courtesy of MORI YU GALLERY

Tomoko Sauvage, Japanese musician and artist active since mid 2000’s, investigates the sculpturality of sound and improvisation in relation to the environment.

Starting at 9 pm - Sound Installation

Sauvage is mainly known for musical / visual research about a ‘natural synthesizer’ of her invention, which is composed of diverse fluids, bowls, ceramics, light, and underwater amplification. Her approach is attached to questions of alchemy, meditation and balance between chance and mastery.

Nile Koetting is an artist working with a diverse range of formats, such as installation, performance, scenography, sound and composition. His artistic projects explore a new perception of interchanges between material­ - immaterial, living and­ non living beings in a landscape of performative time and space.

10:30 pm - First, Class, 2015-2016, Performance (21min)

"First, Class" is a performance that explores the working body. The piece deals with the relationship between economic systems and leisure time. It is both a musical and audiovisual composition, as well as a performative investigation about time and labour.

Masayuki Kawai was born in 1972. He creates video works in a unique style that takes radical visions of philosophy and politics and critiques informational society and the essence of the media.

11:30 pm - Video Feedback- Live Performance

Masayuki Kawai will perform a concert with visuals. Analog closed circuits with dozens of video machines anomalously connected create instant and improvised images and sounds from free-flowing data. It is a dynamic experience of an electro-magnetic singularity.


Video Screenings - Knee-jerk by White Rainbow, London

Installation view,  Aki Sasamoto: Delicate Cycle , Sculpture Center, 2016. Photo: Kyle Knodell Courtesy Take Ninagawa, Tokyo

Installation view, Aki Sasamoto: Delicate Cycle, Sculpture Center, 2016. Photo: Kyle Knodell Courtesy Take Ninagawa, Tokyo

White Rainbow, a non-profit organization based in central London which champions the work of emerging and mid-career contemporary Japanese artists, presents a specially selected screening program of moving image work from past and future artists in its exhibition program.

Shimabuku, born in Kobe in 1969, collects unlikely encounters. Inspired by situationist deviations, he travels widely, interacting with the living world through his work, pushing the boundaries between imagination and physical reality.

Aki Sasamoto was born in 1980 in Kanagawa, Japan and now lives and works in New York. An installation and performance artist, Sasamoto works in various media, finding material inspiration in response to the conditions of her site or surroundings.

Yu Araki is a video artist and filmmaker whose work deals with the relationship between the camera and notions of the self. With a background in sculpture and new media, Araki approaches each new project with a careful consideration for both site and medium specificity, often allowing conditions for making to be dictated by the working environment and available materials.

Shimabuku,  Bow to Bow  (9 min) (Courtesy: the artist + Air de Paris, Paris + Barbara Wien, Berlin + Amanda Wilkinson Gallery, London)

Shimabuku, Bow to Bow (9 min) (Courtesy: the artist + Air de Paris, Paris + Barbara Wien, Berlin + Amanda Wilkinson Gallery, London)

Starting at 9:30 pm - Knee-jerk

Shimabuku, "Bow to Bow" (9 min), 2018
Aki Sasamoto, "Wrong Happy Hour" (22 min), 2014
Yu Araki and Daniel Jacoby, "Mountain Plain Mountain" (21 min), 2017


Video Screenings - Chikako Yamashiro

Through photography, performance and film, Chikako Yamashiro (b. 1976, Okinawa, Japan) dramatizes the lesser-known aspects of Okinawa’s contemporary reality, while questioning dominant historical accounts of Japanese and American occupation of the islands. Yamashiro’s practice engages with political and social histories of Okinawa to create provocative and haunting works, drawing on oral accounts and often utilizing her own body.

Chikako Yamashiro,  Seaweed Woman , 2018. Installation view at White Rainbow, London, UK, 2018 © Chikako Yamashiro, Image: Damian Griffiths

Chikako Yamashiro, Seaweed Woman, 2018. Installation view at White Rainbow, London, UK, 2018 © Chikako Yamashiro, Image: Damian Griffiths

Yamashiro’s recent exhibitions include: From Generation to Generation: Inherited Memory and Contemporary Art (2016-17, Contemporary Jewish Museum, San Francisco/USA), SEVEN JAPANESE ROOMS (2016-17, Fondazione Carispezia, La Spezia/Italy), 2016 Aichi Triennale (2016, the former Meiji-ya Sakae Building, Aichi), the 8th Asian Pacific Triennial of Contemporary Art (2015-16, Queensland Art Gallery /Gallery of Modern Art, Brisbane/Australia), East Asia Feminism: FANTasia (2015, Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul/Korea), MAM Project 018:Chikako Yamashiro (2012, Mori Art Museum Gallery 1, Tokyo). Selected publications include: Circulating World: The Art of Chikako Yamashiro(2016, Yumiko ChibaAssociates), Chikako Yamashiro (2012, Yumiko Chiba Associates). Chikako Yamashiro won the 2017 Asian Art Award.


Live Painting & DJ Set by Takeru Amano x Julien Sato, Galerie Tokyoïte

Courtesy of Takeru Amano and Tokyoïte

Courtesy of Takeru Amano and Tokyoïte

Takeru Amano, Born in Tokyo and moved to New York to study engravings in his young age, Takeru is a painter and sculptor that incorporates classicism and modernity, foreign influences and Japanese pop culture in his creations whether in painting, sculpture, drawing or printing technique.

As a son of an internationally renowned illustrator, Yoshitaka Amano, Takeru has been in contact with the world of art since his childhood.

His first drawings was at his age of two years old. He has exhibited his artworks in Tokyo and Hong Kong, and Paris from 2016. He is the creator of the lifestyle art brand « Newart » and collaborated with several brands such as Yoji Yamamoto.

Takeru Sato (dmbz/newart)

Sato (dmbz) & Takeru (newart) are Tokyo based DJ from the area of Nakameguro. Resident DJ at "Tokyo Drift", each of them plays also as solo in the best clubs in Tokyo such as Womb, Unit or Vent. Their interbreeding roots and his influences from different countries of the world creates a unique selection of Deep techno sounds, always with a touch of groovy and sexy beats.

Beginning at 12:30 pm - Takeru Amano and Julien Sato