Yu Hong, She's Already Gone, Virtual Reality, 2017, Courtesy of Yu Hong and Khora Contemporary.  .jpg

She's Already Gone

Virtual Reality project by artist Yu Hong

Presented by Khora Contemporary



Yu Hong

The sun crawls across the floor of a Chinese girl, the chaos of the Cultural Revolution rips through the streets outside. Locked inside the room, she opens the window, her only way of satisfying her curiosity. As she absorbs herself in the wonder of blowing soap bubbles, the slightest noises of the demonstrations flood into the tiny space. He seems oblivious to the viewer, who came into the room through the keyhole and is with her in this moment for only so long. This bubble is ever so transient. It will be gone in a second.

The scene is one of four in Yu Hong's Virtual Reality work, placing the viewer in the middle of four moments, traveling through the life of a female character from her birth to her age. The narrative follows differing timelines as the life and aging of the protagonist moves forward while history goes backwards. The rising of a child in a modern hospital, the subsequent scenes in the past, may be reached in the past, while reaching a shamanistic ritual in the earliest known period in Chinese history.

Each scene is painted by Virtual Reality, the visible brush strokes, adding a layer of physicality to the virtual world. Yu Hong's method of painting is vastly personal in the portrayal of the woman, emphasizing the beauty in the details of her daily life, linking events in history to intimate moments. The opposites of the moment and what is lasting merge, probing development, repetition and change in history and in the life of the individual.

Through Chinese History and the History of Chinese Culture For a long time the female perspective was not a tolerable mode of creation. Yu Hong 's work acknowledges the female in all stages of life, exploring the relationship between the individual and the rapid change in China.