Happily Contained Miao Ying.png

Happily Contained

by Miao Ying

presented by DSLCOLLECTION and The Art of this Century



Miao Ying


Miao’s VR experience is conceived as a form of ‘lifestyle hypnotism’, casting the viewer as consumer on a journey in search of utopia and contemporary ideas of home. From post-war suburban American tract housing to Chinese ghost cities, she investigates the construction of identity and desire.

Miao’s virtual reality is a world of firewalls and filter bubbles in which brands and tropes of our internet age figure as the agents of real life struggles. The heads of Unicorn companies – startups worth over one billion US dollars, like twitter, Xiaomi and Airbnb – are the winners when Internet culture plays out a zero-sum game at the intersection of the virtual and the real.

Miao Ying (b.1985, China) describes her place of residence as the internet and makes work online, in print and in installation. Her work often addresses the politics of the Chinternet – the Chinese Internet – and its ‘Great Firewall’. Often employing irony and humour, Miao revisits our contemporary relationship to technology and internet aesthetics; interrogating and intervening in the circulation of ideas, ideology and value in our everyday lives, online and off.