2nd Floorism (Reconstruction) by Makoto Aida

The making off of “2nd Floorism (Reconstruction)” by Makoto Aida at ASIA NOW 2018. Courtesy of the artist and Mizuma Art Gallery


One of the highlights of ASIA NOW 2018 is Makoto Aida's creation of an in situ installation. An iconic Tokyo-based artist, Aida offers a flawless social commentary on Japan's modern culture, highlighting the complex norms of the country and exploring topics ranging from sexuality to war.

The works presented were part of the exhibition "GROUND NO PLAN" which was created in the context of the "Visions of the City - Obayashi Foundation Research Program," launched in 2017. Makoto Aida was selected as the first participant in this program.

The program supports artists in researching and investigating various issues facing urban areas in order for them to suggest a city they would like to live in, propose new or ideal city visions, and take a different approach from conventional urban planning.

Aida thought seriously about Tokyo, about Japan, and about the human race. He asked himself: What does he truly want? Or, while thinking about Tokyo and other places where people live: What does he consider the best place to live?

As it turned out, the artwork "2nd Floorism" advocates a fictional architectural ideological movement including the environmental improvement of slums and the natural emergence of a self-built community, while asserting that it is an arrogant act for human beings to live in buildings over three stories high.


In 2017, the Obayashi Foundation launched the grant program, "Visions of the City - Obayashi Foundation Research Program." Based on the recommendations of our five-member selection committee, an artist or a group of artists from Japan or abroad that display a high level of creativity and interest in cities are selected every two years. Taking a different approach from conventional urban planning, they research and investigate various issues facing urban areas to suggest a city they would like to live in or propose new or ideal city visions. As an unprecedented grant program that supports artists in researching and investigating the theme of cities, we present a unique experiment.

Since its founding in September 1998, the Foundation has supported experts whose research contributes to city planning that enriches people's lives; the support is not limited to urban engineering or urban planning but reaches a wide range of fields related to cities and their inhabitants, including environmental, economic, historical, and artistic research.

It is our hope that, through this new grant program, city visions proposed by artists will provide new perspectives to experts working in various related fields, further developing urban studies as a whole.

Takeo Obayashi

Chairperson, The Obayashi Foundation


Tuesday, October 16 3:00-4:00pm

Makoto Aida presents his installation 2nd Floorism (Reconstruction)

Wednesday, October 17 4:00-5:00pm

“On 2nd Floorism” Makoto Aida discusses his installation with Catherine David, Chief Curator at the Centre Pompidou. In Japanese with English translation

Thursday, October 18 6:00-7:00pm

I have been creating these things for 30 years in Tokyo,” a look back on Makoto Aida’ career. At the Ecole des Beaux-Arts de Paris, In Japanese with French translation



Mizuma Art Gallery


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