"Non-Sense Music#2 : Borders," Berlin, May 11-20

Shown for the first time at 3rd Edition of ASIA NOW, the exhibition "Non-sense Music", curated by Joanne Kim, highlighted the video works of upcoming Korean artists Kelvin Kyung Kun Park, Ayoung Kim, Lee Wan and Hong Beumm. For this second installment, Kim has organized a 10-day interdisciplinary festival, where six young Korean artists, Ryu Biho, Hwang Kim, Soyoung Chung, Helena Parada Kim, Hayoun Kwon, and Nahoon Park, explore the so-called "politics of space" in order to give insights into the culture of North and South Korea and to convey their understanding of boundaries and geographical division.

-> Organized by the Korean Cultural Center/Cultural Department of the South Korean Embassy