Zeto Art - Booth B 215

YU Zhuo, The serene night of disquiet I, 2018,Photography, 150cm x 100cm. Courtesy of the artist and ZETO ART



Yu Zhuo


Monographic exhibition of photography - If the Night no Longer Wanted to Welcome Us.

The seemingly distant sceneries in the works of YU Zhuo radiate an air of serenity and powerfulness, which have the strong effect to skip the routine encounter and comprehension between the oeuvres and the audience, and bring directly to people a wave of thoughts and sentiments. Those far-reaching, solemn and mysterious sceneries have a calming effect, yet are somewhat unsettling at the same time. YU Zhuo takes a romantic approach and deals poetically with his photographs. For the 2018 Asia Now, ZETO ART chooses a selection of Yu’s recent works and focus on the topic of “the shelter of the night”.

There seems to be a tacit understanding, a mutual awareness between YU Zhuo and the night. The gaze at the night derives from YU’s deep attachment to it. For him, the night is like an abyss, mysterious and distant, and Yu appreciates these features of the night just as those who prefer the daytime are in love with its brightness. Hegel once said, “The human being is this night, this empty nothing, that contains everything in its simplicity.” In this discourse, he compares the human being to the night, to this nothingness which can be either strongly-resistant or fragile. By staring at the night, we find that these two characteristics coexist. For the artist, this strong resistance has always been there. He was once walking back and forth at the edge of the critical point, trapped in the dilemma, yet he gradually found his own way out. At this moment, the human being has become the recipient of the night and begin to be immersed in it. However, this feeling of finding the shelter is addictive. When people have found their spiritual sustenance, what often happens is that they indulge in it and forget what its nature.

This is the question that the exhibition raises. If one day, the night is not willing to shelter, where are we going to place our spiritual sustenance? Imagine that one day, all of a sudden, we stop at where we are and wander around, the objects to which that we have given meaning become nothing.

This is the resolution of meaning. It is not cutting off the road ahead of us, but stopping us from falling in the mud, which helps us to clearly understand the night.

Because the shelter is far away from the central theme of survival.



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