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Li Xia, 看书 小人 儿, 2017, Oil on canvas, 150 × 150 cm. Courtesy the artist & Tong Gallery + Projects.



Dexi Tian

Lan Zhaoxing

Li Xia

Wang Ruihan

Wen Yipei

Yu Fu


Tong Gallery + Projects is delighted to participate in the 2018 th edition ASIA NOW Paris with a presentation of painting by four young painters from China: Wen Yipei (1988), Wang Ruihan (1983), Lan Zhaoxing (1977 b)) and Li Xia (b 1991). These artists have, in their painting paths, been exploring the relationships between forms and figures, lines and lights, textures and surfaces blurring the boundaries between figuration and abstraction.

By painting details of architectural structures, Wen Yipei focuses on the conditions of the building's representation. By extracting the structure from its original environment, he invites the viewer to focus on the vivid colors, the sharp lines and the graphical element of the now abstracted architecture.

Wang Ruihan's paintings are closer to the concept of Concrete Art. The artist's works are not representation, nor abstract but plays with the materiality of painting. The colors, the lines, the surfaces and the paintings are to be taken for their physical properties. The artist discusses the definition of the identity and the existing ways of painting in the contemporary context.

Lan Zhaoxing's painting career started from a fascination Cezanne's use of perspective and color. She is interested in translating her perception of nature through cylindrical, spherical and conical shapes. She wants to create a cognitive circle starting from a very personal emotional feeling.

Li Xia stretches concise lines and summed colors, expresses naive imagined scenes, body parts and close-ups of objects. By virtue of the features of oil paints, the artist gets to come up with the fluffy textures and the tight-knit space atmosphere, taking the viewers into the world that the artist has created.



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