The Container - Japanese Platform J02

Joji Nakamura, Sunset Glow, 2018, Acrylic on canvas, 185 cm x 144 cm, Photo: James Bingham, Courtesy of The Container, Tokyo


The last few years have seen a lot of changes in the Tokyo art scene, triggered by a social transformation in the aftermath of the Great Eastern Tohoku Disaster of 201, and cultural developments set off by the approaching 2020 Olympics.

The Container, a tiny gallery set inside a constructed shipping container in Tokyo's most trendy neighbourhood, Nakameguro, has established itself in Tokyo and internationally as a catalyst for social and aesthetic change in Japan through contemporary art, driven by strong curation that seeks to examine those changes and to promote the new art scene of Tokyo.

The gallery's installation at ASIA NOW Paris 2018 presents three mid-career artists of different disciplines— painting, sculpture and video—in order to enable European collectors to gain an insight into the "real Tokyo" that is still inaccessible in the international arena. The gallery will present the Neo-Dadaist abstract paintings of Joji Nakamura, who paints with his hands using techniques influenced by automatism and stream-of-consciousness; the sculptural works of Miya Kaneko, who uses mapping methods and a relentless interest in collective memory and history; and Yu Araki's video/film work that seeks to explore international travel and culture through works that deal with the relationship between the camera and notions of self.



(Inside Bross Hair Salon)

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