S.O.C Satoko Oe Contemporary - Japanese Platform J01 

Shinichiro KANO, Cause and effect, 2010, Oil on canvas, 27 x 41cm. Courtesy of the artist and S.O.C. Satoko Oe Contemporary.



Takuya Ikezaki

Shinichiro Kano


Ikezaki Takuya (b. 1981) makes works with the cheap, ordinary objects he finds around him. Following his move to Beijing after finishing his art degree at the University of Tokyo, Ikezaki found inspiration in Chinese culture and ideology. Interestingly, the artist was born on the island of Tokunoshima, very near Taiwan; His artistic work reflects his origins. Ikezaki temporarily moved to Japan after his stay in China, participating in several residency programmes in Asia before settling in New York with his wife and daughter. No matter where he is living and working, he looks for objects in his immediate surroundings to better understand his identity, creating works that become his alter-ego of sorts.

Shinichiro Kano (b.1982) depicts playing cards, dice, branches, stones and other objects which he cherished as a child. Most of the time he lays them out in a maze-like composition, yet sometimes he arranges them in the manner of classical still-life painting. Once the layout is determined, Kano paints the same objects several times from different perspectives, changing their size or zooming in on a specific detail. The juxtaposition of these paintings brings forth mysterious qualities. Like role-playing video games, the paintings tell the complex and layered stories of daily life, as if offering secret clues necessary to move forward in the narrative.



1F, 3-18-8 Shirakawa, Koto, Tokyo 135-0021