New Galerie - Booth A206

Li Shurui - LSR, Tenderest Affection, 2018 exhibition view in New Galerie, Paris. Courtesy of the artist and New Galerie.



Li Shurui


"I wanted to paint the depth and texture of light and space, a purpose which
put me into the category of so-called «abstract» art, and naturally within that
category I have been put into perhaps another more specific category...these
labels ultimately help you participate in the world of art as a vocation, or
dialogue, and can help lead to certain people noticing you, but of course they
don’t necessarily have anything to do with the logic of your work or its
process. I live in China -- the aesthetic tradition here is pervasive, and being
immersed in painting made me more sensitive to the language of vision every
day, which made me just absorb all sorts of stimuli and produce these things.
More in-depth examination into certain phenomena can reveal that apparently
unrelated aesthetic systems or languages are connected at different points
in their development or evolution....for example, in Qing Dynasty Imperial
decorations sometimes you see a spherical image that greatly resembles the
language of contemporary western “abstract” art, and it is encircled by
another extremely intricate design. Taking different elements from a variety of
histories and placing them into new language environments, or narratives, or
ideological systems, alters their significance. So a part of my work is finding
ways in which these elements can be reassembled into new statements, or
perhaps new ways of seeing things."

Li Shurui, Paris, April 2018



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