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Yuan Keru, Fleeting Strangers, 2017, 4-Screen video installation 27min10s. Courtesy of the artist & Leo Gallery.



Chen Lizhu

Huang Yan

Hu Renyi

Li Yiwen

Ma Shuqing

Tan Ping

Wen Wu

Zhang Ning

Zhang Xuerui


Group Show ING - An Exhibition

Leo Gallery will present 11 artists: Huang Yan, Hu Renyi, Li Yiwen, Ma Shuqing, Tan Ping, Tøru Harada, Wen Wu, Yan Bo, Yuan Keru, Zhang Ning, Zhang Xuerui. They represent generations spanning 3 decades, from the 1960s to the 1990s, while their works range from painting, sculpture, and video to new media. Each artist has a distinguished style and inclination, as manifested in Tan Ping’s stylish painting, Overspreading, Yuan Keru’s multi-panel video installation, Li Yiwen’s rigorous scrutiny of city life, Zhang Xuerui’s visual realm assembled by colour gradients, and more. Despite the fact that each piece is a substantial project rich in meaning itself, we have brought them together in this group exhibition, which has a strong focus and an organic unity, and is an open narrative of art trends in China throughout the past 10 years. 

Through ING, we attempt to delineate the changing concepts behind the canvas, gain insight into their origin and motives, and understand the mutual influence between art production and this remarkable era. We aspire to show the European audience the development of Chinese art over the past decade, as well as the path ahead against a backdrop of social motions and fundamental logic behind art.



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