Ginkgo Space - Booth A200

Shen Chen, Untitled No.12231-09, 2009, Acrylic on Canvas, 137 x 117 cm. Courtesy of the artist & Ginkgo Space.



Shen Chen

Du Jie

Chen Ruo Bing

Zhang Fan

Zhang Xuerui

Pu Yingwei

Chen Qiang


Aiming to showcase new aspects of Chinese contemporary art, Ginkgo Space presents a selection of paintings by seven Chinese artists: Shen Chen, Du Jie, Chen Ruo Bing, Zhang Fan, Zhang Xuerui, Pu Yingwei and Chen Qiang.

In their practice, the artists have kept a considerable distance from the current era, observing yet questioning reality. Their works seem to penetrate the complexity of society, re-examining the essence of reality. Meanwhile, they display the particular philosophy of the East, emphasizing the existence of "process" in the dimensions of both time and space – it becomes a part of their paintings.

The brushstrokes of Shen Chen (1955) balance exquisite techniques and subtle emotions. Du Jie (1968) allows the brush to lead her hand, moving freely and willfully on the paper. The works of Chen Ruo Bing (1970) meditate up the perception of color and space, to examine the essence of art. The elements of rhythm, detail, texture, and emotion emerge instantaneously in the process of “writing” in the works of Zhang Fan (1975). The art practice of Zhang Xuerui (1979) has revolved around the exploration of structural composition and gradients of colors.



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