Galerie Paris-Beijing - Booth A201

Wang Haiyang, Untouchable #9, 2017, Acrylic on canvas, 260 x 200 cm.



Wang Haiyang


The large paintings from the Untouchable (2017) series appear as the extension of the artist's reflections on the body and its physical limits. They are characterized by directional brushstrokes consisting in bright colors, all converging towards a gravitational center.

The watercolor drawings from the series Sex (2017) are inspired by mysterious forms that appeared to the artist during his convalescence period at the hospital after a major surgery.

Like a view of cells under a microscope, these drawings and studies have something deeply organic. They seem to be connected to artist's desire to apprehend the physiology of these living organisms and how they interact with each other.

The video Wall Dust (2016) is the extension of the two previous animations Freud, Fish and Butterflies and Double Fikret. Wall Dust completes the initial narrative by attempting to construct and dissolve over and over again incongruous scenes with a recurring mustached character named "Fikret". Based on stop-motion animation technique, the artist meticulously creates thousands of pictures by repeatedly drawing with pigments on the same few sheets of sandpaper in order to create a chain of surreal situation: archetypal symbols, grotesque sexual representations, geometric figures, animals connected to strange machinery.



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