Galerie Da-End - Booth A107

Kim KototamaLune, Le Silence du Nom, 2018, torch-blown glass, 160 x 105 cm. Courtesy of the artist and Galerie Da-End.



Kim Kototama Lune

Mitsuru Tateishi

Satoshi Saïkusa

Toshio Saeki


The Galerie Da-End will present a collection of contemporary multidisciplinary works (photography, sculpture, painting and drawing), produced by four artists from Vietnam and Japan.

Surprising because of their technical prowess and their uniqueness, the works evoke a certain organic beauty and question the representation of imperceptible phenomena that connect Man to his surroundings, touching on in-between spaces. Here, one can detect a community of spirits, close to the contemporary cabinet of curiosities, and connected with Galerie Da-End’s annual programming.

The centerpiece of the stand will be a monumental installation in the form of an egg made from blown glass by the sculptor Kim KototamaLune. Complementing this installation, Mitsuru Tateishi’s chemical experiments with oil painting will solicit the viewer’s imagination. This same contemplative dimension can also be found in Satoshi Saïkusa’s photographs, through his cut-outs and his abstract searches for shape and light. What’s more, several silkscreens and original drawings by the master of Japanese eroticism, Toshio Saeki, will also be exhibited.



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