Artvera's Gallery - Booth A108

June Lee, Weight of Human (No. 4), 2017, Thread on resin cast and clay, 60 x 23 x 20 cm. Courtesy of the artist and Artvera's Gallery.



CHA Seungean

GUEM Minjeong

JU Sekyun

JUNG Hai Yun

LEE June

MIN Byung-Hun

YOON Jung-won


Artvera's Gallery presents seven Korean contemporary artists: Cha Seungean (b. 1974), Guem Minjeong (b. 1977), Ju Sekyun (b. 1980), Jung Hai Yun (b. 1972), Lee June (b. 1985), Min Byung-Hun (b. 1955) and Yoon Jung-won (b. 1978). These artists explore the way humans coexist with nature today through a kaleidoscopic diversity of approaches, opposing technology and tradition, utopia and reality, civilisation and nature. They draw attention to the fundamental act of perceiving the world around us. Inspired by the natural environment, from its infinite diversity of colours and stunning geometry to its rich symbolism, their work reveals a point of view, a message and an eminently human creative process. They seek to engage in a dialogue that challenges our contemporary societies.



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