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PROPAGANDA : Expression and transmission of knowledge are at the heart of Danysz Gallery’s presentation. The Chinese artists chosen share their reflections on the idea of propaganda.

SONG XI, from Shanghai, develops the idea of propaganda by reinterpreting the weight of printed words – the victims of the choices of all kinds of censorship. Through his installation “Knowledge Balls,” he uses thousands of book pages to make paper balls, thus demonstrating  the undermining of knowledge and culture.

LI HONGBO, based in Beijing, delivers a new series of fascinating paper sculptures, which unfold before taking their original shape again. Aptly titled, “Cultural Objects”, Mirror of Classical History” – they are made of newspapers and books meant to disappear.

Painter ZHANG JIAN plays with propaganda in a more modern, more contemporary shape, regrouping more popular images and values, which he plays with and cheerfully diverts, juxtaposing in his oil paintings  the world of comics and that of classical painting.

The couple WANG & HAO dive into a subtle metaphor of communication 2.0, that of the virtual world, which they represent through a series of sculptures which respond to touch, as if it were a virtual brain in one’s hand, which one could tickle. Will communication beyond words, from the machine directly to the brain, soon happen?

Song Xi, Knowledge ball, 2016, book paper, variable dimensions. Courtesy of the artist & DANSYZ gallery.



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