COHJU Contemporary Art - Japanese Platform J06

Mio Yamato_Repetition Black (line) 6_75×102cm_Lithograph_2018



Mio Yamato

Yoshitaka Yazu

Koji Shiraya

Seiko Yamamoto


COHJU Contemporary Art will show 4 artists based in Kansai and representing new attitudes towards material, phenomena, and the world, reach with his/her own perspective.

Mio Yamato puts herself to a series called “Repetition”, the works of which are made by the repetition of her simple body action such as the accumulation of dots or pile of lines.

Yoshitaka Yazu continues to develop his installation works, using a variety of mediums, particularly three-dimensional objects. He has a deep interest in subjects of cultural anthropology that penetrate into Animism, Shintoism and even Kumagusu Minakata.

Seiko Yamamoto tries to raise up overtones in a geometric town, which is typical ordinary suburb areas in Japan, using floor plans, acrylic plates to make it more complicated, energetic and chaotic as the place where human being lives.

Koji Shiraya visualizes the harmony of nature’s beauty and man’s use of it in his minimalistic works. In his series ‘Trinary, 2015-2’, all of the white pieces are made up of three materials; Silica(SiO2), Alumina(Al2O3) and Lime(CaO), that are the main components in the Earth’s crust. Each piece was mixed in a different proportion of the three and was fired at 1280°C.




1F COHJU Bldg., 557 Bisyamon-cho,
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