CHOI&LAGER Gallery - Booth B112

Yu Jinyoung, the life #8, 2018, poly vinyl chloride, fibre-reinforced plastic, 156*57*45cm. Courtesy the artist & CHOI&LAGER Gallery Cologne/Seoul



 Yu Jinyoung

Kim Young-Hun

Kim Keun-Tai


For the ASIA NOW 2018, Choi&Lager will present works by three Korean artists who have been exploring in depth possibility of expression of visual languages containing symbols of individual mind as well social environment of our time.

Youngest among three artists, Yu Jinyoung works with a cast of semi-invisible sculpted characters made by PVC and different types of light plastics. She explores the disparity between the outward and inward self. Yu’s conceptual impetus is consistently clear: to acknowledge the anxiety of social situations, and to expose the implicit acts of cover-up one engages in as he or she adheres to social convention.

Using the ‘Hyeok-hwa’ leather-brush technique (painting with a brush containing layers of different paints), Kim Young-Hun finely-resolves figurative elements bleed out into unplanned lines, swirls and gradients which are repeated across the plane, resulting in an abstract landscape that speaks equally of analog waveforms and digital pixel-glitching, at once crsytalline and noisy.  

With an extremely poetic and abstract monochrome painting inspired pureness of the Korea ceramic ‘Moon Jar’ Kim Keuntae’s painting evokes philosophical meditation, between tradition and modernity. The simplicity of the form and the complexity of the technique impose the diversity,  purity and force.



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